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Past News and Activities


Military History Seminar 27 November 2018

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, the guns fell silent on the Western Front. After 1,567 days of continuous warfare, the Armistice brought to an end the bloodiest conflict the world had then known, or did it?

Australia had suffered grievously in the Great War. More than 60,000 Australian soldiers had been killed and more than half of the 270,000 soldiers who returned home had suffered some sort of wound.

Scarcely an Australian family was left untouched by the war; the survivors needed both physical and mental care as did the widows and orphans, all generating the need to implement a massive repatriation scheme.

The shortage of eligible husbands and unemployment interacted with changed social attitudes and continuing social divisions that served to offset the increased confidence about our national undertakings.

What followed the Armistice was not the peace that veterans and the Australian public had been hoping for. Dynasties that had lasted for centuries fell, empires crumbled, revolutions erupted, and famine and sickness broke out.

Importantly, Australians were involved for more years in operations in Russia and also for a time in that part of the Great War that had little world attention - the post war operations in the Middle East.

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI NSW), in conjunction with the Anzac Memorial, marked the centenary of the Armistice that ended the Great War with a half-day seminar exploring the aftermath of the Great War and some of its impacts on Australia.

What follows are links to view each of the four presentations by members of our Military History group. Each one a noted historian. The presentations give a very special Australian perspective on what happened when the guns fell silent.

Seminar 27 November 2018
Speaker: Dr Bryce Fraser RFD
Subject: The Extended War 1918-1920
39 minutes 32 seconds

The Button to the right takes you to the VIDEO >>>>>>>>>


Seminar 27 November 2018
Speaker: David Deasey RFD
Subject: Post World War 1 Operations in the Middle East
23 minutes 07 seconds

The Button to the right takes you to the VIDEO >>>>>>>>>


Seminar 27 November 2018
Speaker: Dr Colin Baker RFD
Subject: Australia and the Treaty of Versailles
23 minutes 07 seconds

The Button to the right takes you to the VIDEO >>>>>>>>>


Seminar 27 November 2018
Speaker: Professor Stephen Garton
Subject: Demobilisation and its Aftermath: the Impact of the Great War on Australia
30 minutes 49 seconds

The Button to the right takes you to the VIDEO >>>>>>>>>


Australia and Trump's USA Lecture

The February 2018 Lunchtime lecture was titled "Australia and Trump's USA" and was delivered by Professor James Curran.


Battle of the Coral Sea Lecture

The June 2017 Lunchtime Lecture commemorated the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, one of the conflicts that saved Australia in World War 2. The presentation was given by Lieutenant Colonel Peter Sweeney RFD Ret'd whose father served on HMAS Hobart.


Friday 19 August 2016 128th ANNIVERSARY DINNER

The anniversary of the foundation of the USI of NSW was celebrated in style in the Grand Dining Room at the Masonic Club, Sydney.


Tuesday 31 May 2016 2016 Seminar on Military Strategy "The Strategic Significance of Cyber and Space"

Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney - 1300 to 1800 hours.

The 2016 Defence White Paper is expected to give increased emphasis to Cyber and Space, which have joined Sea, Land, and Air as major domains of warfare in the 21st century. In this seminar, we succeeded in promoting informed understanding in the broader community of the nature and strategic significance of Cyber and Space; and contribute to the continuing professional education of defence and national security professionals.

An expert panel led by Mr Stephen Meekin, AM, Deputy Secretary (Intelligence & Security) Department of Defence will explain the significance of these two domains via a series of presentations on different aspects of the topic and then will debate key issues to emerge during the presentations. The expert panel consisted of Mr Stephen Meekin AM, Mr Clive Lines, Air Commodore Stephen Osborne CSC, Professor Jill Slay AM, Brigadier Marcus Thompson AM, and Air Vice Marshal Andrew Dowse AM. His Excellency, General The Honourable David Hurley, AC, DSC (Ret'd), Governor of New South Wales and Patron of the Royal United Services Institute of New South Wales opened the seminar.

Wednesday 27 April 2017 - NSW Lancers' Museum Visit

Judging by the calibre of these fine SUR Army Reserve Officer Cadets who visited the New South Wales Lancers' Museum at Parramatta on Wednesday 27 April 2017 the future of the Army is assured.

Each cadet was given a form to fill out and join the Institute for Defence and Security Studies NSW and had their obligations explained to them.

Saturday 16 April 2016 Anniversary of the Battle of Crete and The Greek Campaign
The 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete and The Greek Campaign. The commemorative service at the Martin Place Cenotaph was conducted on Saturday 16 April 2016 at 1.45 pm (for 2pm). This will be followed by a memorial services on Sunday 17 April at the Garrison Church at the Rocks and the following Sunday 24 April at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral Redfern.
Seven members of the Greek Presidential Guard came from Greece to participate in the Cenotaph Commemorative wreath laying service on Saturday 16 April 2016

Climate report
Following the RUSI NSW Luncheon Lecture on "Climate change, national security and the Australian Defence Force" given by Admiral Chris Barrie, AC, RAN (Ret'd) on the 29th March we would like to provide you with a link to the related 100 page report by the Climate Council. "Be Prepared: Climate change, security and Australia's Defence Force" 2015.
CLICK HERE to download.

Wednesday 27 January 2016 Neil James Australian Defence Association and RUSIA spoke on "Constraints on the formulation of Australian Defence policy"


Friday 18 December 2015 Presentation by Brigadier Philip Bridie AM

The December 2015 Lunchtime Lecture was a presentation by Brigadier Philip Bridie AM covering his time in Afghanistan in 2014.

Tuesday 13 October 2015 visit to historical aircraft restoration society (HARS) Albion Park Rail Regional Airport

Our guide was RUSI member Lieutenant Colonel Michael Hough AM RFD ED (Ret'd)

HARS houses one of the largest collections of flying and static historic aircraft in Australia, and its role is the preservation of Australian aviation history. HARS Recently Acquired The EX QANTAS 747-400 VH-OJA "CITY OF CANBERRA" Which Is Now Open For Guided Tour only Inspection.

Tuesday 29 September 2015 Centenary Commission of Inquiry into the Gallipoli August Offensive of 1915

A full report is available ONLINE.

Friday 24 July 2015 at 2.30 pm - 2 Div Centenary Parade
A parade was held to commemorate the raising of the Army's Second Division in 1915 featuring the Guidons, Colours and Standards of those current units that are or have been part of the Division.
Australian War Memorial Canberra
CLICK HERE for the invitation.

Photo: John Palmer

25 April 2015 - Centenary of the ANZAC Landings

Many RUSI members made the pilgrimage to Gallipoli to commemorate the centenary of that first ANZAC Day.

Australian Government restrictions meant many with long Australian Defence Force service and with relatives who had died on the peninsula could not be present at the official services at ANZAC Cove or Lone Pine.

Instead they gathered at Gallipoli Village before dawn where they heard the Institute's Vice President Major General Paul Irving give the keynote speech, and experienced a landing re-enactment by the Australian Surf Rowers' League.

Saturday 16 May 2015, 74th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete and the Greek Campaign commemoration

The Cenotaph, Martin Place on 13:00 - 16:00.

Wednesday 27 May 2015, 3rd International Defence and Security Dialogue
Australia, Indonesia and Regional Security

Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney
1330 to 1800
The event was a great success, the proceedings will be published in "United Service". CLICK HERE for a report. The video below is of Air Vice-Marshal Brent Espeland AM (Retd) National President of the Royal United Service Institution introducing the Dialogue

Sunday 31 May 2015, Boer War Day

Our annual Sydney service was held at 1100 at the ANZAC Memorial, Hyde Park South. Sydney. Our theme this year is Fathers of the Anzacs.
CLICK HERE for details.


August/September 2014 - ANMEF Tour and Seminar

German Radio Station Rabaul At the outbreak of World War I in August 1914, the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (ANMEF)was one of the allied forces raised to seize and occupy German colonial possessions in the Pacific. Supported by the Australian Fleet, it began occupying German possessions, especially wireless stations, in New Guinea, Nauru, the Solomon Islands and nearby islands beginning in September 1914.

August-September 2014 is the centenary of the raising the ANMEF and its seizure of Rabaul. To mark the centenary, the Institute promoted a tour and held a seminar with a view to enhancing public awareness and understanding of this important event in Australia's military history and the circumstances surrounding it.

The tour was guided by institute member, John Hitchen. A report on the tour can be found by: CLICKING HERE.

A panel of seven historians; all but one members of the RUSI of NSW explained the strategic, political and social background to the campaign; the operations of the Australian, German and Japanese navies in the Pacific in 1914;the raising of the ANMEF and its operations in German New Guinea; the contemporary operations of the New Zealand expeditionary force in German Samoa; and the aftermath of the campaign.

An initial report on the event is available CLICK HERE

Saturday 30 August 2014 ANZAC Centenary Parade Parramatta

There was a Parade in Parramatta to comemorate the formation of the 1st Light Horse in 1914, it was unique and, by bringing a significant part of Australia's military history to the people, it told the story of Australian mateship, self-sacrifice and volunteering in a way that had very high impact.

Well and what a parade. All of the Lancers' Museum vehicles performed flawlessly as did the Regiment on its new steeds. The Lancers' Museum will be continually in the debit of His Excellency and Lady Cosgrove for lending their presence to the event.

The attendance in the rain was quite amazing, and it is the first time we have had a queue across the full width of the Lancer Barracks parade ground to enter the Museum.

A great effort by the Lancers' Museum, the 1st/15th Royal New South Wales Lancers and the Parramatta community including all local politicians at all levels of government and political persuasion. One person needs special mention, the Lancers' Museum's Publicity Officer, Captain Ian Hawthorn Retd without whose initiative and drive the function would not have happened.

The selection of photos below give an idea of what it was like to be at the parade. The video gives ABC TV coverage of the event.


Saturday 9, Sunday 10 August 2014 HMAS Canberra Commemoration

Commemoration of 72 years since the sinking of HMAS Canberra in the Solomon Islands.

For the first time in some years the official Australian commemoration took place on land, at the recently spruced-up memorual erected by the Australian soldiers on operation Anode, the peace keeping mission to the Solomon Islands.

It was complemented by a short solemn ceremony conducted by Australian tourists on a Military History Tours Australia tour at sea over the site where the Canberra lies 800 metres below.

Tuesday 24 June 2014 Lunchtime Lecture
Speaker: Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, DSC, AM; Commander, Operation Sovereign Borders
Subject: Operation Sovereign Borders

Saturday, 17 May 2014 - 1400 to 1500, Cenotaph, Martin Place, Sydney
Battle of Greece and Crete Commemoration

There was a very successful wreath laying service for the 73rd Anniversary for the Commemoration of the Anzac Battle of Crete and the Greek Campaign at the Cenotaph on Saturday. It was attended by over 500 people with 55 wreaths laid by Surviving campaign veterans, veterans' families, representatives from Federal, State Governments and Local Governments, The Australian Armed Forces , the Greek Government, the Government of Cyprus , Military organisations, Schools and Greek Australian community groups . The guest of honour was Antipterarchos (Air Marshal) Georgios Petkos deputy chief of staff of the Hellenic Armed Forces .

At the Paddington RSL Air Marshal Petkos gave a speech which acknowledged the contribution of Anzacs in Crete and in particular mentioned Captain Reginald Saunders, Australia's first commissioned Aboriginal Officer . Pastor Ray Minniecon from Babana Aboriginal Men's Group Redfern responded in an emotional address stating that Air Marshal Petkos' acknowledgement of an Indigenous Australian soldier was the first by a foreign country and he thanked him for that .


20 November 2013, CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON
Officers Mess Victoria Barracks 1200 - 1500 A great day was had by all those who attended

7-9 October 2013 The PACIFIC 2013 Exhibition at Darling Harbour was a fantastic major showcase of all things maritime and RUSI-NSW will have a booth in the main display area to help attract potential new Members. Current Members were welcome to drop by for a chat and to examine the interesting items in the RUSI display, including some of our very historic "e;trench maps"e; from the First World War.

5 October 2013 International Fleet Review. A Ceremonial Fleet Review by Her Excellency the Governor General of Australia and Prince Harry was held in Sydney Harbour on 5 October to celebrate the centenary of the entry of the first RAN fleet into Sydney Harbour on 4 October 1913. Some 40 foreign warships and 17 tall ships joined 20 RAN fleet units in the review. There was also be a flypast of military aircraft. Overall a spectacular event. The RUSI secured a harbour lunch cruise that enjoyed a prime close-up view of all activities.

24 September 2013 - SUDDEN DEATH OF ERIC RALPHS. The President and Council of the Royal United Services Institute of NSW were saddened to have to record the sudden death of our former Secretary, Lieutenant Colonel EH (Eric) Ralphs, RFD, ED (Ret'd). Eric had been holidaying with his daughter in the USA. Past President of RUSI-NSW, Doug Roser, has noted his own, "wonderful friendship with Eric, based on so many joint interests," and these sentiments are shared by many others. Eric had only recently stood down from the position of RUSI-NSW Secretary at the Institute's 2013 Annual General Meeting. His many years of dedication to our Institute were acknowledged at that meeting through a heartfelt 'Vote of Thanks' from the assembled Members.

Eric's daughter Fiona has sent the following: "My beloved dad Eric passed away suddenly on Tuesday morning September 24 in Vermont. He collapsed while having breakfast and was transported to hospital by ambulance where he died shortly after. He was not in any pain and I was with him throughout. Dad had been with me in Vermont for several weeks, keeping me company as my daughter Sarah settled in as a boarder at Burke Mountain Academy. He had been in great spirits and he and I had made several short excursions from our base here in Burke. He loved visiting Civil War battle sites, as well as driving up Mt Washington in New Hampshire. We had several dinners with Sarah, and I know dad was extremely proud of her. I have spoken with my brother David and Eric's family and we have arranged for dad to be cremated here in Vermont. We scattered a few of his ashes here in the forest and brought the rest back to Sydney where a memorial service was held at 14:00h, Friday 25 October at Forestville RSL Club, where Eric was Secretary of the Sub-Branch."

RUSI-NSW President David Leece has paid the following tribute to Eric: "He was our hard-working Secretary and during his time in that role had undertaken a major update and revision of our Constitution to ensure its compliance with contemporary legislation and the organisation's needs as we entered a new decade. He will be sorely missed by us all."

Wednesday 25 September 2013 Report into Fatal Afghan "Green on Blue" Attack Released CLICK HERE for details.

Wednesday 4 September 2013 Battle for Australia Commemoration.
Our own former president Major General Gordon Maitland is standing down from the presidency of the Battle for Australia NSW Branch.  The ceremony on Wednesday 4 September 2013, at Martin Place, Sydney with Her Excellency the Governor as principle guest was very moving.

CLICK HERE for a more detailed report including video of the ceremony.

Tuesday 20 August 2013 Wreath Laying Ceremony at the grave of the Institute's founder

A Wreath Laying Ceremony was conducted at the grave of the Institute's founder >Major General J. S. Richardson, CB Commandant of the New South Wales Military Forces 1865 - 1892 >President of the United Service Institution of New South Wales 1888 - 1891 At 11:30 h on allotments 695 and 696 Section 6 of Waverley Cemetery.
CLICK HERE to download Order of Service.
CLICK HERE to download Invitation.

Use the controls above to view a short slide show of the ceremony.

Friday 16 August 2013, 125th Anniversary dinner

Celebrating the foundation of our Institute in 1888.
Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney.
With General David Hurley, AC, DSC Chief of the Defence Force as guest of honour.
A Great Night was had by all. Thanks to those who attended.

7 - 9 August 2013 Guadalcanal Anniversary

71st Anniversary of the Guadalcanal landings and sinking of HMAS Canberra Commemorations

The photos above, left to right, top to bottom show: Dennis Wetherall on behalf of the HMAS Canberra Association lays a wreath at the HMAS Canberra Memorial Guadalcanal Island; Savo Island Ironbottom Sound near where the Canberra sank; Wreck of Japanese Destroyer Kikuzuki Gatuvu Island Island; US Colour Party Guadalcanal Commmemoration; Wreaths at US Guadalcanal Commmemoration; USS Pearl Harbour at Honiara - US Guadalcanal Commmemoration 2013; Village display of relics - Guadalcanal; Japanese Memorial, Mt Austin, Guadalcanal; RAMSI Memorial Honiara.

2nd International Defence and Security Dialogue February 2013

The Photos below are of the 2nd International Defence and Security Dialogue February 2013. Mouse-over thumbnail for caption and Click on the thumbnail to see the image full size). CLICK HERE for more details on the Dialogue including ability to download transcripts of the proceedings.

Miscellaneous News Items

  • Saturday 8 June 2013 Military History Society of NSW to Launch New Website
    In the lead-up to the forthcoming centennial commemorations of the First World War, significant joint activities are currently being planned between RUSI-NSW and the MHS of NSW for the years 2014-2018. The Military History Society is also launching their new website on from Saturday 8 June.
  • Bomber Command Clasp
    After 70 years, WW2 Bomber Command aircrew have finally been specially recognised with a Medal Clasp. This clasp is now available to surviving Bomber Command Veterans, or to descendants holding the medals of deceased veterans. To receive the Bomber Command Clasp, the veteran must have previously qualified for the 1939 to 1945 Star, to which it will be affixed. The aircrew member must have flown at least one operational sortie with a Bomber Command squadron. Please contact: Directorate of Honours and Awards, Department of Defence, CP2-1, PO Box 7952 CANBERRA BC, ACT 2610. Quite sadly, the 1939-45 bombing campaign based in the UK saw the greatest number of Australian deaths of any of our theatres of operations during WW2. It is doubly tragic that the stringent selection criteria for Bomber Command ensured that those individuals were some of the most highly-skilled and talented men that our Country sent overseas during the war.
  • 2015 ANZAC Cove Ballot
    The Minister for Veterans' Affairs has announced the allocation of tickets to various categories of applicants in the ballot for spaces at the 2015 Anzac Cove dawn ceremony, see As space is completely inadequate to host the huge numbers of interested participants, many representative groups have been protesting the perceived inadequacy of their particular slice of the pie. It now appears inevitable that the TV cameras recording these solemn proceedings will be panning across a large "invasion fleet" of white cruise liners moored just offshore (no doubt decorated with scintillating tourist camera-flashes) as the light of dawn comes up on Anzac Day. (
  • Saturday 18 May 2013
    Cenotaph, Martin Place 1400 - 1500 hrs a visit by the head of the Greek Armed Forces who was hosted by Her Excellency the Governor, and the Premier; organised by the Joint Committee for the Battle of Greece and Crete. There were over 300 present, over 30 wreaths were layed, a most memorable day.


  • Sunday 26 May 2013
    Boer War Day commemoration at the ANZAC Memorial, Hyde Park South, Sydney, Sunday 26 May 2013; Commencing at 11:00 hrs. Keynote address will be delivered by General Peter Cosgrove AC MC.
    Boer War Day will be comemorated at other locations around Australia CLICK HERE to see what happened.
  • Wednesday 3 April 2013 - US Marines Welcomed to Darwin CLICK HERE for details.
  • Wednesday 17 April 2013 - Australian War Memorial launches daily Last Post ceremony CLICK HERE for details.
  • Thursday 18 April 2013 - History repeats, the RAAC Regiment of the 1970s re-launched as the "Armoured Cavalry Regiment" - Project Beersheba CLICK HERE for details.
  • Thursday 25 April 2013 ANZAC Day - images show the ANZAC day march, Sydney and a surfboat with an all female crew off ANZAC Cove on ANZAC day preparing for the Gallipoli 100 in 2015. 

    On the 27th of March, the last ADF personnel deployed on Operation ASTUTE returned. This marks the end of the International Stabilisation Force, which has supported peace and stability in Timor-Leste since 2006.
    CLICK HERE for details.
    The Royal United Services Institute (NSW) was represented by our President, Group Captain (Ret'd) Doug Roser, at a milestone conference in Canberra on 12-13 March. The conference examined the myriad ways in which gender diversity can build capability in the modern Defence and Security sector.
    CLICK HERE for details.
    Described by Fleet Commander Rear Admiral Barrett at our recent International Defence and Security Dialogue as "... a 28,000 tonne ship. The first of two that this country's Navy will operate and the largest ships that we have operated in our existence ...A ship that has been designed with a Policy Statement in mind." The L.H.D. Canberra was officially named at a lavish ceremony in Sydney on 15 February.
    CLICK HERE for details.
  • Defence White Paper Submission including supplement
    RUSI of NSW Submission to the 2013 Defence White Paper made available 12 December 2012. CLICK HERE to download.
    A supplementary submission to the Paper made on 27 February 2013 can be downloaded at by CLICKING HERE.
    RUSI-NSW is pleased to announce that a new Vice-Patron has been appointed to our Institute, Chris Jenkins is the Chief Executive Officer and Country Director of Thales Australia, one of Australia's foremost Defence Industry firms. He is an outstanding defence industry leader, a passionate believer in local skills, and a strong advocate for Australian manufacturing. Further biographical details will be posted on our Council page in the near future.
    The Federal Veterans Affairs Department has recently created a client access portal called "My Account" which will allow Veterans to access their information more conveniently.


Grant Awarded - Thursday 8 November 2012

The RUSI of NSW has been awarded a federal Community Heritage Grant to fund a Significance Assessment of the Library Collection. CLICK HERE for more detail.

Miscellaneous News Items

  • Vice President David Leece's latest editorial on the Capability of Australia's Army under the new Budgetary constraints has been recently published in United Service: CLICK HERE to view.
  • President Doug Roser's interesting summary of the Final Report of the ADF's 'Posture Review' can now be seen in United Service: CLICK HERE to view.
  • RUSI-NSW Now Listed in the National Library 'TROVE' System.
    The National Library's TROVE system is one of the genuine 'modern wonders' of historical research in Australia today. It provides free access to nearly 200 years of digitised newspaper articles, along with easy searching of all government photographic collections and listing of library books and other resources across the country. TROVE is very easy to use and worthwhile for anyone to become familiar with. RUSI-NSW is pleased to announce that our 30,000 book catalogue is now being added to TROVE and the first batch of books is already visible. Those who are already registered users of TROVE can now go to their "User Profile / Libraries" and add "Royal United Services Institute of NSW. [NRUSI]" to "My Libraries". - Then all relevant RUSI books will be indicated whenever you do a TROVE search.
  • First LHD hull (HMAS Canberra) arrives CLICK HERE for details.


Annual Anniversary Dinner 2011

The Photos below are of the RUSI of NSW Annual Anniversary Dinner - August 2011. Mouse-over thumbnail for caption and Click on the thumbnail to see the image full size)


Mr Craig Laffin Awarded Life Membership May 2010

At a luncheon the Officers' Mess at Victoria Barracks on 26 May 2010 Mr Craig Laffin, a member of the Royal United Services Institute of New South Wales was appointed an Honorary Life member in recognition of his most generous donation of some 4,000 books from his late father's (Mr John Laffin) library.

Scholars and enthusiasts of military history will be aware of the enormous contribution John Laffin made to the study of military history, particularly Australian military history.

John Laffin was a prolific author. He wrote some 130 books; many of them about military history; but on many other subjects as well. He also produced a significant number of other articles and monographs.

John returned to Australia in the mid 1990s having lived abroad for more nearly 40 years, and set about creating lasting memorials of a unique kind for the Australian Imperial Force (AIF). Foremost among them was his founding of a special association, Family and Friends of the First AIF, to commemorate the service and sacrifice of the men who served in the First AIF. The organisation has with over 800 members that awards scholarships and travel grants, and conducts public events to commemorate the AIF. John Laffin is its Founder and Patron-in-Memoriam.

The Photos below show Mr Craig Laffin Awarded Life Membership May 2010 (Click on the thumbnail to see the image full size)


Visit Garden Island May 2010

The Photos below show members of the RUSI on a visit to Garden Island in 2010 (Click on the thumbnail to see the image full size)


Visit Holsworthy 2009

The Photos below show members of the RUSI on a visit to the Army base at Holsworthy 2009 (Click on the thumbnail to see the image full size)

Visit HMAS Kanimbla 2009

The Photos below show members of the RUSI on a visit to HMAS Kanimbla 30 September 2009 (Click on the thumbnail to see the image full size)


Visit to HMAS Penguin 2009

The Photos below show members of the RUSI on a visit to HMAS Penguin in 2009 (Click on the thumbnail to see the image full size)

Annual Anniversary Dinner 2009

Council President AVM Treloar and guests at the Annual RUSI of NSW Dinner August 2009

May 2009 Councillors' Luncheon


Visit to HMAS Stuart October 2008

Click on the thumbnail image below to view a slide-show if the RUSI of NSW members visiting HMAS Stuart at Garden Island, Sydney on 29 October 2008.

Royal United Services of Australia Forum 2008

Use the button below to download The Proceedings of a RUSI of Australia Forum Held in Canberra, 17 September 2008 and submitted as the Second of two RUSI of Australia Contributions to the 2008 Defence White Paper Community Consultation Process.

Please note that the document is a 441 kb .pdf file, and has been hyperlinked to facilitate browsing. If you do not have a .pdf reader, please visit, downloading the reader is free.


Annual Anniversary Dinner 2008

The Photos below are of members at the Annual Anniversary Dinner Royal Automobile Club, Sydney 22 August 2008 (Click on the thumbnail to see the image full size)



Visit to RAAF Richmond October 2007

The Photos below show members of the RUSI on a visit to RAAF Richmond in October 2007 (Click on the thumbnail to see the image full size)


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